V-100 ®  Epoxy Grouts / Unisorb Grout

Standard V-100®  Epoxy Grout

A superior quality product with excellent flowability, high resistance to impact, and extremely rapid cure times. It is an excellent choice where very high strength and low grout quantities are preferred.


Deep Pour V-100® Epoxy Grout

A highly flowable product intended for use where pours from 3" to 8" deep are required, providing excellent compressive strength and rapid cure time.


Ship Safe Standard

V-100® Epoxy Grout 

Reformulated version of Standard V-100 Epoxy Grout wich may be shipped under non-hazardous classification, eliminating delays and haz-mat fees. Also complies with E/U non-hazardous shiping regulations.


DCR V-100® (Acid Resistant) Epoxy Grout

A product designed for rail installations wich require extraordinarily high strengths combined with resistance to temperature, humidity, acid and chemical environments. This product will allow pours with 1.5" to 8" cross sections. 


WTF E V-100® Epoxy Grout

Develops super high compressive strengths in a very short period of time. Contributes to shorter construction times. Especially useful for the grouting of  Wind Turbine Generator bases and other high performance applications.

Cementitious Grouting Products

V-1® Non Shrink Grout

A highly flowable product wich develops extremely high compressive strenghts in a very short time. The product will not shrink, and is ideal for grouting precision machinery as well as anchor bolt setting and other machinery grouting applications.


Wind Turbine Formula

An ultra high strength fast setting non-shrink grout that is specifically formulated for the most demanding applications.

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Grout Forms


Ready to use plastic grout forms that eliminate on-site form construction. easy to place and remove.

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UNISORB® Concrete Repair Compound

A flowable, fast setting product designed for setting anchor bolts and filling holes and large cracks in concrete floors, roads, sidewalks, etc...