FIXATOR® Systems

Machine tools installed and aligned on UNISORB® FIXATOR® Anchoring and Alignment Systems operate at maximum design efficiency.

UNISORB® FIXATOR® Systems have been carefully designed to provide optimum performance and ease of installation, even in the most demanding of circumstances.



Makes support critical machinery installations fast and easy. The most rigid machine to foundation connection available.



For vertical and lateral alignment and anchoring of electric motors, pumps, compressors, and other applications.


AKII Agile®


Intended for use in anchorless or anchored applications and offers the capability to be quickly converted from one to the other without disturbing or removing the machine base.



Complements the RK FIXATOR® System, ideal for floor plates where leveling must be accomplished from above.



A free standing leveling jack for machinery that requires a large leveling range.

Vibration Isolation Pad Materials

Reduced vibration contributes to more efficient operation and longer life of costly machinery. UNISORB's job engineered isolation pads substantially reduce vibration and noise transmission. Installations are fast, easy and inexpensive.

Harmful effects of vibration and noise may cause serious impairment to the efficiency of workers and the overall effectiveness of production machinery. Proper use of these products will:


  • Improve the efficiency of production equipment

  • Provide a safer, more desirable environment for workers

  • Reduce down time and extend the operating life of machinery

  • Prevent floor damage


Red-Line® Pads and Anchor Pads

Natural wool or synthetic felt in a variety of densities and thicknesses. Optional nylon bonded surface provides a high coefficient of friction to prevent machinery from creeping and "walking".


Neoprene Pads

Available in multiple thickness and harness ranges, provide isolation for light duty or sanitary installations.


Titan Shock Pads

A tough, textile and neoprene laminated pad for installations with extreme loadings or heavy impact.


Die Turnover Pads

Simple and reliable resilient floor system for die handling areas. Complete and ready to install, requiring no maintenance.


Standard Washers

Precut Red-Line® and Titan Pad washers in standard sizes for use with anchoring hardware.

Composite Matrix (TiFi) Pads™ 

Unisorb Composite Matrix (TiFi) Pad is a true engineered system. While similar in appearance to the Unisorb Quantum Press Mount Isolation Pads, the TiFi is a combination of our Red-Line F-1 and Titan Shock Pad which is custom designed to fit each mounting point of your machine.


Each TiFi application is "tuned" to provide maximum shock and vibration isolation by our engineering staff. Our Unisorb TiFi Solution provides a low profile and cost effective method to preserve your machinery investments.


Red-Line® Pads and Red-Line® Anchor Pads

Natural wool or synthetic felt in a variety of densities and thicknesses. Optional nylon bonded surface provides a high coeficcient of friction to prevent machinery from creeping and "walking".


Titan Shock Pads




A tough, textile and neoprene laminated pad for installations with extreme loadings or heavy impact.

Quantum PM​

At UNISORB® Installation Technologies, we have designed our new line of Quantum PM™ Press Mounts to meet the installation and mounting needs for virtually any press built. From smaller tonnage presses to larger transfer presses in excess of 3,000 tons capacity, UNISORB® Quantum PM™ Press Mounts will provide an ideal installation. We have over 100 standard individual mount configurations available to meet the requirements of any press application. In addition, we maintain the flexibility to provide specialty application mounts that nobody else in the mounting business offers. Our revolutionary field tunable modular elastomeric isolation pads outperform the competition - hands down!

Over 100 standard individual mount configurations availableUNISORB® offers exceptionally rugged basic construction of cast ductile iron and structural steel, assuring many years of trouble-free service in the most demanding applications. The modular elastomeric isolation pads we offer provide the best mounting system available anywhere. We have developed a revolutionary new tunable isolation system that permits us to provide specific mount characteristics, meeting exact application requirements.

Eliminate press installation problems with UNISORB® Quantum PM™ Press Mounts

  • Reduce installation costs

  • Easy leveling and fast, accurate alignment

  • Control shock and vibration

  • Eliminate press "walking"

  • Increase die life and decrease press wear

  • Minimize expensive downtime and unnecessary maintenance

  • Achieve better press productivity

  • Rugged high strength mount construction

  • All elastomeric isolation pad configurations

  • Fastest shipments in the industry

UNISORB® offers free on-site installation assistance throughout North America and in many locations worldwide. UNISORB® also offers on-site vibration analysis and site evaluation services as well as complete professional engineering services for your installation.

Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts

UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts provide optimum leveling and alignment in minutes, without anchoring either the machine or mounts to the floor. Designed especially for injection molding and die casting machines, UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts dampen both vertical and horizontal impacts found in reciprocating machines. UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts meet applicable OSHA requirements.

The Maximum Adjustment RangeThese mounts are truly a quantum leap in machine mount technology. Every model in the Quantum IM® line provides an overall adjustment range of 1 3/8 inches. This range goes well beyond all of UNISORB's competitors worldwide. In addition, UNISORB's line of Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and all share these time tested durability features:

  • Rugged ductile housing

  • Super heavy duty impact plate

  • Resilient anti-walk isolation pad

  • High strength steel adjustment bolt

  • Constant horizontal natural frequency

The HousingThe housing and impact plate of the Quantum IM® Injection Miolding Mounts are made of ductile iron, meeting Foundry Spec. 65-45-12. Our product team has tested and proven the design to be virtually indestructible even in the toughest high speed injection molding applications.

The Isolation PadAll Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount isolation pads consist of proprietary formulated elastomers. The unique internal design of UNISORB's Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts eliminates the interdependence between vertical adjustment and horizontal stiffness found in other mount designs. Our design ensures that each mounting point presents identical horizontal and vertical load deflection characteristics to the machine regardless of adjustment height.

UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount Benefits:

  • Increased equipment life

  • Simplified machine installation

  • Fast, accurate alignment

  • Reduced shock and vibration

  • Elimination of anchor bolts

  • Uneven floors accommodated

  • Machine "walking" prevented

  • Horizontal impact capabilities


UNISORB's new patented LEVEL-RITE® Mounts have been engineered and tested to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of machinery. From small chipmaking mills to larger machining centers, LEVEL-RITE® Mounts provide machine installation solutions for leveling, aligning and vibration isolation. The all new design provides industry with a higher standard for adjustment range, durability, and function.

Unparalleled Adjustment RangeLEVEL-RITE® Mounts provide the greatest adjustment range in the industry. Every model size in the UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mount line provides an overall adjustment range of 1 3/8 inches, nearly triple the industry average. The mounts are available in seven standard models to provide an extensive range of size and configuration.

UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts Offer the Following Benefits:

  • Reduction of shock and vibration

  • Prevention of machine "walking"

  • Simplification of machine installation

  • Elimination of anchor bolts

  • Fast, accurate alignment

  • Accommodation of uneven floors

  • Increased equipment life



Designed for hollow base installations of certain models of knee mills and shop machines.

R-Series Mount Combined-228x228.jpg


Machinery mount with free floating leveling screw for all types of equipment.



LR-Series mounts are perfectly suited for general-purpose machine leveling and isolation usage.



Isolated mounting for machines that have their own leveling hardware. Replaces steel puck feet.

lr 200.jpg

LR-200 and LR-500

Light duty leveling and isolation mounts for shop fixtures, tables and equipment.

Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount

The Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount is a heavy duty machinery mount system that allows for multiple height adjustments and is designed for industrial machine tools that require in-place alignment and leveling.

  • Heavy duty machinery mount system

  • Two height ranges in one mount

  • Optional nitrile butyl rubber pads provide vibration isolation

  • In-place alignment and leveling

  • Patented mount and pad design

LEV-L-INE® Machinery Mounts

LEV-L-INE mounts, with their spherical aligning discs, provide true self-alignment with an absolutely even load distribution over their entire bearing surface. They are designed to compensate for uneven floor distortion found in most industrial plants, and may be used with or without anchor bolts.

  • Floor line may be sloped, but machine line is level

  • Easily accessible, true verical leveling adjustment

  • Spherical aligning disc assures intimate contact and equal distribution of

        weight over entire bearing surfaces

  • Mating surfaces are matched to provide quick, easy and permanent leveling

  • Anchor bolt clearance hole permits bolting machine to floor